Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Andrew Sachs' granddaughter

Various sites are now showing some "details" of Georgina Baillie aka Voluptua, Andrew Sachs' granddaughter and the subject of Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross's "humour". If you want to see what the fuss is about then Right Celebrity and The Daily Mail may be of assistance, as could Quintessential comedy. Alternatively, you could go straight to Voluptua's page Satanic Sluts where you will learn that Voluptua has Vital Stats of 36 26 36 (666) 5"5 and:
"Likes: Cock rock, Cage dancing, Making vampire films, Chocolate covered strawberries,
Being alone sometimes, Being in good company, Piercings, Leather jackets

Dislikes: Shallow people, Narrow minded people, Chavs who yell things at me,
Having to sell out to earn money, Public transport, Dead fish

Kinks: Forcefulness, Gentleness."
You will also find some photos that may not be safe for work (NSFW) but oddly appear not to be blocked by my content filtering software.

Regardless of how Georgina Baillie chooses to make her living, what Brand and Ross said was highly reprehensible and beyond decent limits.

My humble apologies for misspelling granddaughter as grandaughter in my original title for this piece. Interestingly this mistake has resulted in a large number of hits on this piece as a search for "Andrew Sachs grandaughter" puts this blog at position 2. Maybe I have stumbled on a trick to get up the Google rankings, using plausible misspellings!

It appears that Google takes account of misspellings and I am at position 2 for Google searches for "Andrew Sachs granddaughter" as well. This is interesting and also means that as at 18:25 tonight (28 October) I have over 100 people "on" this blog, virtually all looking at this page. I am conflicted; whilst I appreciate the traffic, this is a serious political blog not a scandal sheet. New visitors, maybe you could assuage my feelings of guilt by reading a couple of my political articles whilst you are here...


Anonymous said...

my only comment on this is we all make mistakes!

And nothing more needs to be said as it was pretty predictable that this sweet hurt young lady would sell her story to the sun.....

we have wars and people dying everywhere and once again the brits get on there high horse and think they that have the god given right to decide the fate of these men... get a life people and step back and try to remember when you said something you wish you hadnt? bet you all can! :)

NotGuyGoma said...

Can someone who makes a living by bending naked over a table and accepting a strap-on insertion for photographic purposes really be "offended" by wags who make jokes about her career choice?

It isn't an easy question to answer, is it? Prostitutes are entitled to buy bananas in Tescos, without enduring indecent suggestions about what they might do with them. Why should her grandfather be humiliated?

But at the end of the day, I guess the real issue is "was it funny?" and Brand and Ross fell down because they went beyond the point where people laughed, and into the area where people wanted to be somewhere else - embarrassed.

Anonymous said...

Look Okay Im Georgina's Cousin I dont think she was wrong to do what she did nither was brand i think georgie has leared her lesson and wont be doing this ever again I think we should all just forget it the more we write stupid Things like this then its just gonna get blown up even bigger

Anonymous said...

"I am not a sheep, I have my own mind." ... yet you jump on the "im offended" bandwagon fast enough. In retrospect this whole fiasco was blown totally out of context.

Sure the joke wasn't funny. But it wasn't exactly the most outrageous thing I've ever heard either. I wasn't offended because I don't give a toss about anyone involved.

Not a sheep said...

I wouldn't say I was offended but I did think that "Regardless of how Georgina Baillie chooses to make her living, what Brand and Ross said was highly reprehensible and beyond decent limits.". Andrew Sachs not, Georgina Baillie or me was the victim.