Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Gordon Brown and "celebrity culture"

I have blogged before about Gordon Brown's avowed wish to mark the end of "celebrity culture"; here I remarked upon his comments about Shilpa Shetty and his drinks with Kylie Minogue, here I blogged about the celebs that he had invited to Chequers, here I blogged about his appearance at an awards ceremony, here I blogged about his anniversary message to the Countdown TV programme and here I blogged about his rumoured offer of a job to GMTV's Fiona Phillips. More recently I blogged about Derek Draper's comment about Gordon Brown:
"He also shies away from today's celebrity culture, thinking much of it schmaltzy and insincere."
That's the Derek Draper married to GMTV's Kate Garraway, that is.

Anyway, I see that Gordon "quickly onto the bandwagon" Brown has now issued an opinion about the Jonathan Ross & Russell Brand story. The BBC dutifully report that
"PM Gordon Brown has criticised Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross for their "inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour" on Brand's radio show.

He said the BBC and watchdog Ofcom must take "appropriate action" over four prank calls made to actor Andrew Sachs and broadcast on 18 October.


"This is clearly inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour, as is now widely recognised," Mr Brown said.

"Ofcom have said they will investigate the matter and it is for the BBC, the BBC Trust and Ofcom to take any appropriate action.""

"A serious man for serious times"?

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Anonymous said...

The BBC news is so biased now that I've started watching the ITN News even though I'm not enamoured with its tabloid format.
Interestingly, when asked, the ITN reporter said '..politicians love a good bandwagon and some might think Gordon Brown has jumped on this one..' (I paraphrase). You wouldn't get such candour on BBC!