Thursday, 23 October 2008

What a natural orator Barack Obama is (reprise)

Back in June, July and September I blogged about Barack Obama's lack of oratorial skills when his teleprompter breaksdown or he has to answer a question without a script. Today I see on Biased-BBC that a BBC reporter has finally seen that this is a story and printed it..... of course they haven't, don't be ridiculous - it is another attack on John McCain's oratorical skills, because in BBC land Barack Obama is beyond criticism. The BBC's bias towards Barack Oabama in the US and the Labour party in the UK has gone beyond simple bias, they are now blatantly electioneering - can anything be done to stop them?

If you want to see the real Barack Obama in action then do take a look at my earlier articles I linked above.

If you want a laugh then take a look at from IowaHawk, it will make you think - so obviously won't appeal to any Barack Oabama supporters.

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Anonymous said...

bbc do not mention Biden's famous speech on "its all as Obama says about that 3 letter word JOBS J-O-B-S".

Or Obama's lack of memory on how many states he has visited and eventually said he had "visited 57 states".

Lordy me what are we paying the TV tax for?