Friday, 24 October 2008

Just how crap an ISP are Pipex?

Parts of Pipex's POP3 email system went down yesterday and as of this morning does not appear to be fixed yet. This morning I logged onto to their website and found a link I hadn't seen before "To see if there are any problems with the Pipex Service, please click on this link.", sounds useful... Unfortunately clicking on the link only brings up a 404 - "Not Found - The requested URL /service-status/ was not found on this server."

Pipex as on the ball as ever it would appear.


Chris said...

I'm amazed no-one else has picked up on this... Pipex (AKA Tiscali) are beyond a disgrace. No POP3 mail for the last day, no announcements, no response from customer service. I urge anyone who's having this appalling treatment to kick up the biggest stink about this.

I won't even start on how shocking their 'web site' is - info that's years out of date, broken links and more... it's beyond belief. but none of that matters as long as I can access my email... and I can't even do that.

Cheers Pipex, you're an embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at the "EMAIL not working" thread at and see if that helps you.

If it does - tell anyone else you know on PIPEX!


Chris said...

Brilliant - it does work. No thanks to Pipex, though.

Thanks so much Mark. I was on the phone to Tiscali's PR and Comms Director this morning, giving them my friendly opinion that their brand value is diminishing on a daily basis thanks to fiascos like this.

Needless to say she didn't even know there was an issue affecting a massive number of customers...