Saturday, 22 August 2009

“Manningham belongs to Muslims. We don’t want whites. We rule Bradford. We are going to get you out.”

The Telegraph has the details:
"A teenager, Amir Rehman, who stabbed and slashed a random passer-by in a brutal racially motivated attack in Manningham, West Yorkshire, has been jailed for five years.

Rehman, 18, shouted racial abuse as 51-year-old Ronald O'Connor walked to a shop for a loaf of bread, near the gates of Lister Park, Manningham, last December.

Leeds Crown Court heard that Rehman shouted: "Manningham belongs to Muslims. We dont want whites. We rule Bradford. We are going to get you out."

His victim tried to get in the shop, but Rehman ran towards him and stabbed him twice in the upper arm with a four to five-inch bladed knife.

Rehman, of Manningham, tried to slash Mr O'Connor's face and the victim also had the palms of his hands slashed as he tried to defend himself.

Richard Gioserano, prosecuting, said: "Rehman was swinging at him over and over again with the knife. Mr O'Connor was in great pain and in fear, literally, of his life." "
I have heard Muslims describe areas as "ours" before, remember Abu Izzadeen telling John Reid "How dare you come to a Muslim area when over 1,000 Muslims have been arrested? ... You are an enemy of Islam and Muslims, you are a tyrant. Shame on all of us for sitting down and listening to him." Expect more of this talk as the demographics change in many British cities.

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