Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The UK coming out of recession, sundry thoughts

A 0.1% growth in one quarter; is that exactly 0.1% or was it rounded up to 0.1% and if so from what, 0.09%, 0.08%, 0.07%, 0.06%, 0.05%. Wasn't there an example recently of figures being rounded up from well below the point where figures would normally be rounded up from?
What's that for the last 12 months, -5% (approx)?
£300bn pounds of QE to buy £1bn of ‘growth’.
So with a drop in GDP of around 10% since the peak of the 'boom', all is joy and jubilation at a preliminary rise in GDP of 0.1%. So that's just around 9.9% reduction in GDP, whoopee!
A 0.1% rise in GDP in a quarter when the VAT reduction was in its last throes, when people brought forward car purchases and large electrical purchases.

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