Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Censoring history lessons to stop Muslim children being offended

To the schools who hold back on the teaching about the holocaust in case learning of the deaths of millions of Jews offends Muslim pupils or their parents, we can now add this news:
'Out of consideration for immigrants of Turkish background teachers in a Vienna elementary school have been advised to no longer cover the topic in their teaching. Whoever does not comply is threatened with being transferred, reports the newspaper Krone. After all the Turks could feel insulted when they are reminded of their defeats. The Turkish wars are of major significance for Austrian history, however. Vienna alone twice faced major Turkish sieges - and beat back the attackers both times. Parents are angry about the initiative of the Vienna headmasters; even the Krone speaks of a "falsification of history".'

You didn't know about the Turkish Islamic invasions of Austria? Not been taught about in British or American schools? Google it and do look at 1529 and 1683. So you know about the Crusades and how evil they were but not that the Crusades were a response to Islam's takeover of the Holy Land and have never learnt about the Islamic invasions of Europe; why do you think that might be?

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