Thursday, 12 June 2014

a survey which the BBC and their BDS arsehole friends won't like, and so won't report

New research conducted by the Global Tourism Monitor Survey asked a total of 23,000 holidaymakers, in 26 different countries around the world, to name the destination that they would most recommend to others based on their own travel experiences.

Those questioned as part of the survey were restricted to countries they had visited in the previous 12 months, and asked whether they would or wouldn’t tell others to follow suit.
The number of people who criticised a recent holiday destination was then subtracted from the number praising a place as visit-worthy, to produce a net score for each country.

Costa Rica comes top of the poll, unsurprisingly as it is gorgeous and satisfies beach bunnies and nature lovers. But what country comes third? Israel? Will the BBC and BDS not like that! (Deliberate Graham Taylor reference, well it is World Cup time)

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