Sunday, 22 June 2014

Finally found it! Half Man Half Biscuit - Dickie Davies Eyes

Back in 2008 I blogged about the wonderful Half Man Half Biscuit and posted videos of Trumpton Riots, Joy Division Oven Gloves and I Think We're Alone Now but said that I just couldn't find the video for Dickie Davies Eyes, well now I have...

"Mention the Lord of the Rings just once more,
And I'll more than likely kill you.
"Moorecock, Moorecock, Michael Moorecock"
you fervently moan.
Is this a wok that you shove down my throat,
Or are you just pleased to see me?
Brian Moore's head looks uncannily like London Planetarium.

And all those people
Who you, romantically,
Like to still believe are alive,
Are dead!
So I'll wipe my snot
On the arm of your chair
As you put another Roger Dean poster
On the wall.

God, I could murder a Cadbury's Flake,
Then I guess you wouldn't let me into heaven.
Or maybe you would 'cause their adverts promote oral sex!
A Romani bint in a field with her paints,
Suggesting we faint at her beauty,
But she's got "Dickie Davis Eyes!"

Chorus x 2"

Sheer genius....

As is National Shite Day

With the musings about whether a replacement  bus service should really be called a replacement train service and the great line "overhead a rainboow appears, in black & white".

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