Monday, 16 June 2014

Can you spot the link between these news stories?

The main news items on BBC Radio 4 this morning:
1. Religious based carnage in Iraq
2. Terror attacks in Kenya
3. Trojan horse plot in Birmingham schools
4. New laws to combat forced marriage
5. Terror cell uncovered in Madrid.

Is there some sort of link between all of these stories, the BBC didn't see fit to try and think of a link.

Here's the BBC's news front page as of 18:20 tonight

There seems to be a link between these top stories, Michael Schumacher excluded, but what?

For some reason I'm once again reminded of this In The Bull Pen sketch from a few years ago

Any link seems beyond many at the BBC... And 'refusing to name the enemy in the war on terror' is close to aligning oneself with the enemy.

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