Thursday, 5 June 2014

Just a few extremists?

We are told by the vast majority of politicians, self-appointed community leaders and the left-wing dominated dhimmi media that most Muslims are moderate and don't support stoning adulterers or killing apostates.

There's an example here where the quoted fact is simply ignored and the 'vast majority' claims are made over and over again....

This video would seem to indicate that their position might not be entirely correct...

That  video was from a conference in Norway, do you think that one held in Britain would show anything radically different?

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Anonymous said...

The top video was a classic example of Taqiyya. Islamists lying to promote Islam as a religion of peace.

Here is a link to what he says in private when teaching Islam to other Muslims.
He said in that top video, "You don't judge a people or a community or a faith on the basis of an extremist minority"

But he does that every time he mentions UKIP.

Aside from this, as shown in your other video. It is not an extremist minority of Islams who support killing homosexuals and stoning rape victims to death.

It is the LAW of Islam.