Monday, 16 June 2014

@Wotsit4 update

Over the weekend @Wotsit4 seemingly revealed some of his true nature. One tweet referring to 'Jew girls' and another blaming Mossad for 9/11.

He tried to excuse the former by claiming lack of space, have a look at the original tweet, what do you think? When pressed regarding the latter tweet, with me pointing out that Al Qaeda were happy to claim responsibility/credit for 9/11, not a word came back.

I don't normally stop engaging with offensive idiots on Twitter but @Wotsit4 has already admitted that he just enjoys winding me up and I see no reason to let him carry on trying. In addition I fear for his health, on Saturday night his tweets got angrier and angrier and a man of his age should be more careful with his health.

I've asked @Wotsit4 many times to explain why he thinks that Israel is occupying the West Bank and Gaza post 1967 but that Jordan and Egypt weren't 1948-1967 but he cannot.

So last week I gave @Wotsit4 an ultimatum, to answer my question re the West Bank and Gaza by 11am today or be #blocked. I shall be a meeting at that time but unless there is an adequate response tweeted by him to me by that time, then #blocked he will be.

Update: There was no response so he's #blocked. Someone else can deal with his hatred and stupidity.

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