Thursday, 5 June 2014

Hidden away in the BBC's newspaper review

Hidden away in the BBC's newspaper review here are two interesting items that won't be headline news on the BBC itself.

'Firms make a "killing" from Private Finance Initiatives awarded under Labour, says the Independent. Companies given contracts to build and maintain schools for 25 years are doubling their money by selling them on, it says.'  
This is 'no shit, Sherlock' territory but if this could be laid at the door of the Conservative lead government then this would be headline news on the BBC where the bile would be flowing over 'privatisation'. However as it relates to Labour PFI contracts, you can expect the story to receive very little attention.

The second story is on similar lines 
'... the i, reports that contractors have made £300m in profits, with contracts for NHS hospitals also being sold off. It quotes former Labour minister Margaret Hodge admitting: "We got it wrong".' 
Now usually if Margaret Hodge has something to say, then the BBC are eager to give her whatever platform she needs. But that's when she's attacking the Conservative lead Coalition government, as this is a Labour mea culpa, expect no such platform to be given. 

The BBC where the subtitle is 'vote Labour'.

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