Thursday, 26 March 2015

Airbus Reinforced Cockpit Door Description and Procedure and the Germanwings plane disaster

Airbus Reinforced Cockpit Door Description and Procedure:

Watch especially from 3:56 for the emergency access procedure, why could the pilot of the Germanwings wings plane not access the cockpit via this method?

Reports say that the cockpit voice recorder showed that one of the pilots was trying to break the door down in order to get onto the flight deck, why?

Also I note that the names of the two pilots have not been named, why?

The captain is described as having more than 6,000  hours flying experience and prior to Germanwings as having flown for Lufthansa and Condor. The co-pilot is described as having joined Germanwings direct from training in 2013. Why do I have a bad feeling about this aspect of the story?

Is this a repeat of Mozambique Airline TM470, which was crashed in November 2013?

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