Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Jeremy Bowen's Tweets about the Israeli elections 1-10

I have looked at the last few days Tweets by the BBC's Middle East Editor, Jeremy Bowen. Let's see if they strike you as impartial...

 So this first tweet shows just the sort of view of Israel that you'd expect from Jeremy Bowen.

Does this picture express Jeremy Bowen's hopes for a left of centre victory and this a weaker Israel after the elections?

A family setting picture of the leader of the Arab Joint List, I wonder if Jeremy Bowen will tweet similarly about the leaders of the larger Jewish led parties?

Well Jeremy Bowen managed a picture of Benjamin Netanyahu but it's a lampooning from the Arab List Party.
Election over and Jeremy Bowen has to cast aspersions on why Benjamin Netanyahu won.

Just the facts, Jeremy, just the facts.

Is Benjamin Netanyahu solely responsible for relations with Barack Obama, or does Barack Obama bear any responsibility for his anti-Israel policies?

According to who? Just the facts Jeremy, just the facts.

No investigation as to why he's so popular?
No other Israelis quoted after the election, just one opponent of the victor. If the left had won the election would Jeremy Bowen have only reported what a disappointed Netanyahu supporter said? Also is 'demoninator' a faithful reporting of what the Israeli said, an 'innocent' typo or a sly dig by a disappointed 'impartial' BBC journalist?

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