Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Hold on, isn't that an example of apartheid?

This fascinating WND article is well worth a read.

But this passage caught my eye:
The Saudi authorities prohibit non-Muslims from venturing within 15 kilometers of Mecca or the other holy city, Medina. Infidels who are discovered in the sacred precincts can expect severe punishment.
So Israel is called an 'apartheid state' by the usual suspects although non-Jews (including Muslims) have equal rights with Jews and it's Jews who are not allowed to pray at on the holiest site in Judaism whilst Muslims are. 

However in Saudi Arabia non-Muslims aren't allowed near Mecca or Medina and there's barely a peep from those who protest about Israel. Might it possibly be the case that some of the protesters are less concerned with human rights than with hating Jews?

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