Monday, 23 March 2015

London's Jews 'fear racial attacks' per BBC News

This BBC report manages to avoid fingering who Jews are most fearful of attack by...

'London has become a sanctuary for French Jews hoping to escape anti-Semitism in recent years.
But there are growing fears about security for Jewish people in the wake of recent attacks and racial abuse abroad.

Jewish school children in London say they are being forced to hide their religious identity because of fear of being attacked.

With levels of anti-semitism on the rise, children as young as eight have been targeted, including a Hasidic boy who was pelted with stones and a group of Jewish girls who were terrorised by a man threatening to kill them.
Sixteen-year-old Elisheva Hersh, who was verbally abused for being Jewish, told Inside Out she feels being Jewish is risky so she tries to hide it.

Elisheva's decision not to display her religious identity is not unusual in Britain.
According to a recent poll earlier this year by The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism about 37% of Jews admitted doing the same.

Caroline Wyatt reports for BBC Inside Out London.
Inside Out is broadcast on BBC One London on Monday, 23 March at 19:30 GMT and nationwide on the iPlayer for 30 days thereafter.'

No mention of Islam or Muslims?

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