Sunday, 8 March 2015

Living with the J-word per BBC News

Michael Goldfarb has a piece in the BBC magazine that addresses the rise in anti Semitism.

'A new cycle of Jew-hatred/anti-Semitism has begun in Western Europe since Israel's third war with Hamas.

Is it physically violent? More than it used to be. Does it have political teeth? No. Does it remind me of every incident since I was eight years old. Yes.

How does it make me feel? Like I said at the top - it's complicated - but it reinforces for me the knowledge that being hated is part of being Jewish.
How does that make you feel?'

One aspect not addresses is that of the BBC, whose institutionally anti Israel stance is responsible in a large part for the rise in anti Semitism in the UK.

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Krishna Prasad Pathak said...

Dear Michel Goldfrab
I read your article. I wonder why right people like do limit yourself?
Feeling different and focus oneself is the another part of the coin.
Come out and understand the real fruit of Hatred is IS. I am looking a person like you and build a conceptual framework to eliminate hatred.
I am pretty sure this comment will be lost.
Thank you anyway.