Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Brussels airport attack: BBC anxious to protect British muslims

This running BBC report on the latest Islamist terrorist attack on European soil includes the following report of the analysts by the BBC's Security correspondent, Frank Gardner:

'BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner says it is "not a surprise" that this attack has taken place but says it is "shocking it was so successful". 

He said since the Since Charlie Hebo attacks in Paris in January last year, which killed 12 people, there had been a number of terror cells "on the loose" that had been inspired by so-called Islamic State and had access to weapons and explosives. 

He said Belgian intelligence services had been playing "catch-up" since then and did not have a "very good system" of sharing information across the various authorities.

He said attacks in Britain had been prevented by Muslim communities reporting suspicious behaviour to police but this was not yet happening in Belgium.'

All praise the British Muslim communities? Not the British Security and Intelligence Services and the police?

Have all the planned attacks on British soil really been prevented by the Muslim communities reporting suspicious behaviour? Is it really 100% as Frank Gardner seems to suggest here?

What parts of the British Muslim communities are actively involved in assisting Islamist terrorists? Is it really zero % as one seems to be lead to infer from Frank Gardner's article?

Why is the BBC seemingly always so desperate to protect the British Muslim communities from any negative feedback?

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