Friday, 25 March 2016

EU supporting settlements in Palestine

A British Conservative MP recently said this about settlement building in Palestine being funded by the EU:

'The EU should comply with the law. It should not be meddling in the Middle East, then hiding behind some dodgy use of diplomatic immunity,'. 

'This is a gross waste of taxpayers' money. It's another example of money given to the EU over which Parliament has no real oversight.  

'The British electorate is contributing to this but we are completely unaware of how it's being spent. We don't know who is spending this, and we can't vote them out.' 

He added: 'No wonder the EU think they're above the law. They are untouchable.' 

Mr Percy also expressed serious concerns that the EU is 'undermining the Oslo Accords' and 'damaging attempts at peace' in the Middle East. 'Not only is it a waste of taxpayers' money, it is morally questionable,'

Right up the institutionally anti Israel BBC's street you would have thought, they'll be right on this. 

Oddly the BBC haven't reported this though.

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