Thursday, 31 March 2016

ISIS supporters working as baggage handlers, cleaners and catering staff at Brussels airport per Daily Mail Online

'Police at Brussels airport have claimed at least 50 Islamic State supporters are working there as baggage handlers, cleaners and catering staff.

In an astonishing open letter, the officers said they have warned about the terrorist sympathisers whose security badges give them access to planes, but they remain employed.

The airport police, who are threatening to go on strike because of security deficiencies, also said they have raised the issue of terrorists scouting the airport to plan possible attacks.'

How many similar Islamic State supporters are working at Heathrow airport next to Hayes and Southall? How about City Airport next to Tower Hamlets? How about Luton Airport? Anyone else not feeling that safe flying?

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Anonymous said...

Move along please...nothing to see (at least on BBC, Sky or ITV).

Why have none of our mainstream TV channels shown us the pro-Palestinian woman stealing and shredding the Israeli flag left at the Brussels memorial? Or the Muslim guy shouting "Palestine" repeatedly while stamping on the same memorial? I am guessing because these things don't match the narrative (terrorism, teddy bears, talks,truc or some such nonsense).