Thursday, 10 March 2016

Europe judges could throw out David Cameron's deal

Despite David Cameron's desperate claims, the truth does emerge.

'David Cameron's controversial EU deal could be thrown out by European judges, according to a respected source of impartial research.

The shaky legal status of last month's Brussels agreement means it 'cannot guarantee all the outcomes envisaged', said a report from the House of Commons library.

The verdict flies in the face of the Prime Minister's insistence that his deal is legally binding.
Commons Leader Chris Grayling will deliver a second blow to the agreement today, warning it will do nothing to reassert the sovereignty of the British parliament over Brussels, and will leave the UK at the mercy of the European courts.

The House of Commons library, which provides neutral research and advice to MPs, said the European Court of Justice, which is the ultimate arbiter of EU law, 'could not enforce' the deal if it clashed with EU treaties.

Researchers warned that uncertainty around the legality of the deal mean that parts of it could end up 'effectively being reversed by the courts'.

And they said key parts of the agreement, including curbs on welfare payments to EU migrants, still had to be agreed by the European Parliament 'which is not directly bound by' the deal.'

There's even more here but not on the pro EU BBC who will cover for David Cameron on this occasion where there interests overlap.

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