Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Another Hard-Left Agitator Tricks BBC News per Guido Fawkes

Guido Fawkes reports on more BBC propagandising:

'On last night's BBC Six O'Clock News, Kamal Ahmed presented a package on the Taylor Report which included an interview with one Felicity Flynn. Flynn was introduced by name only and captioned as a "former zero hours worker". She had clearly been invited to Millbank studios to tape just a few seconds of her condemning "insecure work". Yet Felicity Flynn is not your average "former zero hours contract worker"…

She is in fact the Vice Chair of South Norwood Labour Party. She describes herself in her Twitter bio as a "socialist", and her social media is awash with pictures of her campaigning for Labour at the general election. Moreover, she's a rep for the PCS union, which might have been important to mention given the topic of the report. This came on the same day that the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme introduced a Corbynista union activist as a "Deliveroo rider", also in its Taylor Report coverage. This keeps happening. Either the Beeb is getting taken in by these hard-left agitators – which is incompetence – or they are complicit, which is worse…'

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I'm of the opinion that the BBC aren't being tricked, they know what they are doing. The BBC acts as the propaganda arm of the Labour Party and for that reason is in breach of its obligations on impartiality.

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David Preiser (USA) said...

BBC Rule # 1 about vox pops in effect. If they don't label them, you know which side they're on.