Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Did the labour Party promise to wipe out student debt

The BBC seem happy at the moment to let Labour Party spokespersons state that the Labour party did not promise to end student debt.

Well here is the Labour Party Shadow Justice Minister Imran Hussain speaking in a campaign video during the election:
“Just this morning Jeremy Corbyn has announced that the tuition fees will be abolished straight away from September if there’s a Labour government, and that we will bring back immediately EMA and also that every existing student will have all their debt wiped off. That’s fantastic news, isn’t it guys?”

Was Imran Hussein lying then? If so, will the Labour party be disciplining him for misleading the electorate? Or was he telling the truth by stating the Labour Party position at the time, a position designed to garner as many student votes as possible? I don't see what other option there might be.

Thanks to Guido Fawkes for the spot, he's got more examples of such

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