Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Douglas Murray on Muslim integration in Germany

If you don't remember Turkish President Erdogan's 2007 speech then this might remind you:

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan told Turks living in Europe that they do not need to assimilate into their host societies. Erdogan was addressing an audience of 20,000 Turks gathered in Cologne on Sunday. The audience included Turks living in France, Belgian and the Netherlands, as well as in Germany.

"I understand very well that you are against assimilation. One cannot expect you to assimilate," Erdogan told the crowd.

He said, "Assimilation is a crime against humanity."

The Prime Minister did speak of the importance of integration but with conditions and for reasons. Erdogen told his audience that it is important to learn German, but that the Turkish language should not be disregarded. He highlighted the importance of education and that Turks in Europe should become more engaged in society, as well as aim to become more influential in politics. Taking the US as an example of a society where immigrant groups have always had substantial influence, Erdogan said that the five million Turks living in Europe should "be a constitutional element and not just guests."

Douglas Murray called that subversion. It certainly comes close to being so.

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