Thursday, 20 July 2017

University first-class degrees soaring per BBC News

Chronic grade inflation?

'The proportion of top degree grades being awarded by UK universities has soared - with some universities giving first-class degrees to more than a third of their students.

The University of Surrey awarded a first-class degree to 41% of students last year, more than doubling the proportion five years ago.

And firsts awarded at the University of East Anglia have almost trebled to 37%.

Professor of education Alan Smithers called it "chronic grade inflation".'

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More dumbed down courses and grade inflation all over the UK's educational system, along with socialist brainwashing.

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English Pensioner said...

But people are so much cleverer these days!
In my days, at a decent grammar school, most pupils sat eight "O" levels and generally passed about six, whilst at "A" level we sat four and hopefully passed three.
Now they sit a dozen or more GCSEs, get lots of top level passes and do something similar at "A" level.
Proves they must be far brainier than we were! Nothing to do with easier exams or grade inflation!