Thursday, 13 July 2017

New study reveals Europe’s rising anti-Semitism forces Jews to leave or hide per

This JNS article  re a University of Oslo study will get no BBC coverage because disproportionately the perpetrators of the wave of antisemitism in Europe are not of the far right but Muslims.

'Who is responsible for the attacks on Jews? In every country studied, except for Russia, the perpetrators are disproportionately of Muslim backgrounds. A British study cited in the University of Oslo report notes that the proportion of Muslim perpetrators increases in the wake of "trigger events" in the Middle East.

In what might be considered a clumsy attempt to downplay anti-Semitism, German authorities do not classify anti-Israeli incidents as anti-Semitism. This results in absurdity. A Muslim firebombing of a synagogue can be classified as an anti-Israeli event, but not anti-Semitic. If any country should know better, it should be Germany. Is Kristallnacht going to be reinterpreted as not anti-Semitism, but a demonstration for racial purity? '

Now that's a truth far too inconvenient for the BBC to report.

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