Friday, 28 July 2017

The Socialist success that is Venezuela

Guido Fawkes has a nice short video showing Jeremy Corbyn praising Venezuela. Do watch it on his site.

However if you want to see more leading Labour figures showing their stupidity over Venezuela then the video below will show you Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott (who predictably also finds a race angle), Owen Jones, Richard Burgon, Grahame Morris,  Neil Findlay,

From 4:20 you can see that Jeremy Corbyn really has no shame.

Why don't any of these people understand that Socialism just doesn't work?

"There is a different and a better way of doing things, it's called Socialism"
"Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual, or zealot could ignore or evade it."

'Pattern is always the same:
1) Socialist experiment has some initial success
2) Western academics from Left praise it
3) Socialist experiment turns sour. Poverty & Authoritarianism, for the many, not the few.
4) Lefties distance themselves from it. Claim it was never REALLY socialist.
5) Lefties get away with it. (The perks of having won the 'culture (education) war')
6) Go back to (1),
repeat ad infinitum

Kristian Niemietz, IEA on Twitter'

If you want to know what Jeremy Corbyn really plans for Britain should become Prime Minister just look at Venezuela:

'One of the reasons that Corbyn was prepared to turn a blind eye to the growing signs of authoritarianism under Chavez was because he liked the anti-American rhetoric. Also, terrifyingly, because he believed in the whole project. The imagined utopian end must have seemed, to Corbyn, to
justify the brutal means.
But the end for Venezuala has been not a socialist utopia but Maduro, who has locked up political opponents and ignored the people’s constitutional right to a recall referendum. Commentators fear he will rig next year’s presidential elections. He has destroyed the country’s civic culture.

Corbyn and the hard left have a broad definition of human rights. In their view, these include a right to housing, healthcare and education. Corbynistas are prepared to let these rights trump others, including the freedom of expression and thought.

That is a dangerous course. It’s more revolutionary than parliamentary socialism.

It’s possible that Corbyn believes Maduro’s line that Venezuela is being undermined by capitalist ‘mafias’. But we don’t know because the Labour leader has fallen silent on the subject. The paeans to chavismo he wrote in the 2000s have been removed from his website.

What we can say is that Corbyn has stood by the disastrous hard-left ideology that he has always espoused. So anybody who wants to know what Britain might be like under Corbyn would do well to study the recent history of Venezuela.'
The above is from an article by Jason Mitchell in the Spectator.

And have the BBC shown much interest in Venezuela with particular reference to Jeremy Corbyn? What do you think?

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