Tuesday, 13 February 2018

BBC deliberately jumbles cause and effect, also amplifying disinformation in Iran drone story

The recent story of the Israeli shooting down of an Iranian drone and the subsequent events is yet another example of biased BBC reporting. Newswatch have an excellent report on this story  Here is a short extract:

'As we see the BBC's reporting on this story focused primarily on the loss of an Israeli jet rather than on what caused that event – also the story's main issue – the attempt by Iran to infiltrate Israel. Not only did the BBC choose to amplify Iranian and Syrian disinformation on the story but it also implied to audiences that there is room for doubt regarding the veracity of official Israeli accounts.'

I would expect no better from the institutionally anti Israel BBC, what did the Balen Report reveal that was so bad that the BBC won't reveal its contents?

Bbcwatch also add something that had previously escaped me:

'... (BBC) failing to clarify that Iran's transfer of weapons to Hizballah in Lebanon breaches UN Security Council resolution 1701.'

The BBC is quick, even eager, to report Israel breaking UN resolutions but less so when it's Iran breaking the resolutions. The BBC's hatred for Israel, love for the word revolution (even when it's an Islamic revolution, and it's desire to avoid being negative about Islam means that this sort of biased reporting is to be expected. The BBC is a clear and present danger to Israel, the UK and civilisation.

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