Thursday, 15 February 2018

'Jeremy Corbyn met a Communist spy during the Cold War and 'briefed' evil regime of clampdown by British intelligence'

The Sun's revelations about Jeremy Corbyn meeting a Communist spy during the Cold War is not that surprising to me, Corbyn is obviously 'a wrong' un' and has been on the wrong side of most political and moral matters.

This news will obviously not be reported on the institutionally pro Labour Party BBC.

One part of the Sun report is especially damming:

'"At the time dissidents were under attack and being imprisoned in Czechoslovakia. In the struggle between the dissidents who were trying to overthrow the communist government and the Czech government, Corbyn is working on the side of the Czech government.

"The Czechs were interested in anti-communists and they are using Corbyn for immediate operational information useful to them.

"Czechoslovakia, then a puppet state of the Soviet Union, relied on a secret police force known as the Statni Bezpecnost or StB.

Mr Corbyn was allegedly sought out because they believed he was well informed about "persons who are in contact with the anti-communist agencies" — potentially other politicians understood to be working for MI5 and MI6.'

Isn't there a word for someone who betrays agents working for his nation to that of an enemy state? That the BBC won't report this news speaks volumes for their bias and the need to classify the BBC as a clear and present danger to the interests of the United Kingdom.

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rapscallion said...

Of course there's a name for it, as you well know. Starts with a "T"

The fact that Al Beeb won't report it is because the place is full of people like Corbyn.