Saturday, 10 February 2018

John McDonnell: Labour public ownership plan will cost nothing per BBC News

The BBC report on the latest pronouncements of the Labour Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, John 'kneecaping' McDonnell.

I found this statement interesting:
"We'll move away from the failed privatisation model of the past, developing new democratic forms of ownership, joining other countries, regions and cities across the world in taking control of our essential services."

Which regions and cities is John McDonnell referring to? Venezuela? Cuba?

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Edward Spalton said...

With their deep roots in the trade union movement, it is not surprising that Labour favours producer monopolies without any competition.
I was briefly and ingloriously a coopted school,governor in the days when reading scores and exam results were more secret than anything guarded by MI5,

The Conservatives were introducing a City Technology College and the Labour County Council called a meeting of teachers, governors and concerned parents to oppose it. Around 300 turned up to object .

The chairman asked what could such a college possibly add to the excellent education " our schools" were already providing. I was in a minority of one when I replied " competition" and pointed out two nearby supermarkets - Tesco and Sainsbury. Would their products and prices be so good without the spur of competition? That was a horrible heresy! Schools should " all work together for everybody's benefit".

Some time later, I met the head of the new Technology College. He had run a failing comprehensive which he had turned round until it was over-subscribed. He said that the local,authority had initially been helpful. But, as he became more successful, he was under pressure to " slow down and let the others catch up". He offered to show other schools how he achieved his results but nobody was interested. I rest my case!