Thursday, 8 February 2018

BBC One - Question Time, 2018, 08/02/2018 - Another Remain majority panel

This week's panel consists of one Brexiteer, Richard Tice: 'leave means leave'

And then there's:
Emily Thornberry: 'Brexiteers have voted to steal neighbours jobs'

Claire Perry: Brexiteers are 'Swivel eyed'

Rachel Sylvester: 'Selfish Brexiteers' 

Terry Christian: 'I don't think the Brexit/Leave types have any idea how much and how deeply they've fucked us all up - a 36% idiots set us back 50 years''

That's 4 Remainers to 1 Brexiteer on tonight's panel, is that balanced?  I suppose for the BBC, who also have David Dimbleby there to ensure Brexit is rubbished as much as possible, it is. Just what would give pleasure to the institutionally pro EU BBC.

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