Friday, 3 August 2018

BBC is forced to withdraw ‘biased’ immigration video per Daily Mail

BBC busted! 

'How the Beeb fudged key facts and figures 

What the BBC video said: The average Briton is only 36 per cent Anglo-Saxon.

What Migration Watch said: The average British person's DNA is at least 90 per cent European. The impact of modern inflows of hundreds of thousands a year is entirely different from the fusing of a comparatively small number from Northern European tribes in the centuries preceding Norman times. 

BBC: Britain was 'multicultural long before curry and carnival'.

Migration Watch: Britain has never been a nation of immigrants. In 1951 less than 4 per cent of the population of England and Wales were foreign-born. 

BBC: When Britain joined the EU, 'then we could move to Paris, Rome, Berlin and Barcelona and people from there could come here'.

Migration Watch: It is surely misleading to refer to four Western European cities and none in Eastern Europe, as it is from Eastern Europe that inflows have been so large, with over a million Poles now in the UK. 

BBC: European migrants contribute 34 per cent more in tax than they receive in benefits.

Migration Watch: According to the same University College London research from which this figure was taken, immigrants of all nationalities did not benefit the taxpayer but cost £140billion between 1995 and 2011. '

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Anonymous said...

When we joined 'the six' we were told that although the EEC had free movement in practice it hadn't happened (as there had been little economic benefit). They didn't tell us that the plan was to join up with countries having wage rates a tenth of ours.