Saturday, 4 August 2018

'Culturally Sensitive': Officer Asked if Iraqi Paedo Can Date 12-Year-Old

If this Breitbart article 

'A British police officer called a charity to ask if it were acceptable for an Iraqi man to date a 12-year-old girl because he wanted to be "culturally sensitive" when dealing with a suspected paedophile.
An unnamed police detective called the charity Karma Nirvana, which tackles forced marriage and other forms of 'honour-based' abuse, after he had arrested a 26-year-old Iraqi man who said that in his culture, it was acceptable for him to be in a relationship with a child, according to the charity's call logs seen by The Times.

According to the call log, the policeman said "the accused is stating that it is 'completely acceptable in my culture to be with a 12-year-old'."

The record added that the officer "'just wished to know if it is accepted in Iraqi culture to be with a 12-year-old girl' as he wished to be 'culturally sensitive'".

The charity advised that he deal with the Iraqi in the same way they would deal with any other suspected child sex predator.'


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