Sunday, 5 August 2018

Jeremy Corbyn apologises for hurt caused to Jewish people by anti-Semitism per BBC News, but Jews don't believe him per Jewish groups

This BBC report does report the accusations made about Jeremy Corbyn but without the vitriol that the BBC would use were it a Conservative politician accused of racism.

This bit caught my eye:

'The timing of the article was condemned by the president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews Marie Van Der Zyl and chair of the Jewish Leadership Council Jonathan Goldstein.

Writing for the New Statesman on Sunday, they said: "Jeremy Corbyn's office asked us whether it would be insensitive to release a statement on Friday afternoon, before the Jewish Sabbath. We said it would be an act of tremendous bad faith. He clearly ignored us.

"He deliberately picked a time that he knew all the mainstream Jewish organisations were closed for our holy day.

"This tells you as much as you need to know about him and the contempt with which many of those around him regard the Jewish community."'

To be fair, I feel nothing but contempt for Jeremy Corbyn, but then I've felt that way for years. Any person who calls Hamas and Hezbollah' friends ', appears on platforms with antisemites, chairs a meeting on Holocaust Memorial Day that seemingly was designed to upset Jews, goes to an anti Seder night and so on...

The man's an antisemite but he's by no means on his own kn that regard in the modern Labour Party. 

As an aside has anyone asked Shami Chakrabarti if she'd like to reconsider  her report into antisemitism in the Labour Party or did the antisemitism in the Labour Party only start after her report was published? 

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