Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Jeremy Corbyn: The BBC is Biased on Israel's Right to Exist

I've now read several times the transcript from Jeremy Corbyn's interview with the Iranian state television channel Press TV in which he says the BBC is biased on Israel's right to exist:

"There seems to be a great deal pressure on the BBC... I think there is a bias towards saying that Israel is a democracy in the Middle East, that Israel has a right to exist, that Israel has its security concerns."

I can see no other meaning other than that the BBC is biased in saying that Israel has a right to exist. 

Does Jeremy Corbyn believe that Israel has no right to exist, rather like the Iranian regime do? 

Does he agree with his 'friends' in Hamas and Hezbollah on the right of Israel to exist? 

Is there any footage of Jeremy Corbyn chanting "From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free"? How would Jeremy Corbyn wriggle out of that? 

Transcript here along with the video, if you've got a strong enough stomach. 

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