Thursday, 2 August 2018

John McDonnell signed Early Day Motion welcoming launch of extreme anti-Zionist group

Don't believe the line that if Jeremy Corbyn is pushed out of the Labour Party leadership then John Mcdonnell is more moderate on Israel and antisemitism. 

'Labour shadow chancellor John McDonnell signed a Westminster early day motion to "welcome the launch" of an extreme anti-Zionist group whose founding charter called for destruction of the state of Israel – and alleged collaboration between Zionism and Nazi Germany.

The JC can reveal that Mr McDonnell signed EDM 2332 in October 2008 to "welcome the launch of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network and its founding Charter" and praised the organisation for speaking out to "discredit Israel's attempts to suppress criticism with false accusations of antisemitism".'

The bit that really struck me was this piece of crap:

'A Labour Party spokesperson said: "John was welcoming the creation of an organisation that represented an important strand of radical Jewish political campaigning.

"Of course he didn't and doesn't endorse all of the language and views expressed in their charter."'

Very funny, in a really sick way. 

So we have a Labour Party currently led by someone who more than several Labour Party members openly describe as an antisemite. The likely next Labour Party leader would likely be John' kneecaping' Mcdonnell who also seems to have a problem with Israel. 

The hard left of British politics has long had a serious problem with Jews, however now that Momentum have all but taken over the Labour Party the problem is serious enough for me to urge British Jews to get ready to leave the UK. 

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