Sunday, 5 August 2018

'Wilful ignorance' or 'deliberate belligerence' ?

 'Editor of the Jewish Chronicle, Stephen Pollard vented his anger on Twitter, and called the piece "awful".

So keen is Corbyn to engage with Jews that he publishes this (awful) piece on a Friday night, for a Saturday paper. So not a single observant Jew can engage with it. (And he did the same thing with the Chakrabarti report, announcing it Friday night.)

— Stephen Pollard (@stephenpollard) August 3, 2018
Maajid Nawaz echoed some of the criticisms of Jeremy Corbyn on his LBC show.

He said: "How on earth did it not occur to Jeremy Corbyn, not occur to any of his inner circle advising him, that publishing a rebuttal to the allegations an hour before the beginning of the Sabbath, can only be perceived as anything but wilful ignorance?

"Those who don't want to give him the benefit of the doubt would believe this to be a form of deliberate belligerence.

"A form of attempt to deny observant Jews a response."'

One could fill a blog just with the antisemitic allegations that keep being made about Jeremy Corbyn. However the BBC continue to give the Labour Party leader the benefit of the doubt, not that I can see much doubt. Being little more than the propaganda arm of the BBC leaves the BBC with little choice. 

I wonder if the Balen Report would have shown the BBC to be so biased against Israel as to fall foul of the IHRA antisemitism definition? 

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