Monday, 19 April 2010

Immigration - you can tell when Labour politicians are lying, their lips move

Immigration is one issue where all the facts point to the usual mix of Labour incompetence, mismanagement, deliberate policy and lying. The Telegraph revealed yesterday that:
'In the first ever televised prime ministerial debate last week, Mr Brown predicted "40,000 less students, I suspect, this year, because of our tightening of visa controls.'
Nobody will be surprised that this seems to have been about as accurate a figure as most proclaimed by Gordon Brown. The Telegraph explains:
'new figures revealed in a parliamentary answer show that 99,932 students successfully applied for visas up until September 2009 – with huge rises in the six months after the new points system was introduced in March. In the previous academic year, 61,247 visas were granted to students from the same seven countries.'

And on hand was FRank Field,
'the former Labour minister and outspoken critic of his own party's immigration policy who obtained the figures, said last night: "You cannot get a more clear demonstration that the points system does not work unless you also set a cap.'
'A cap' being Conservative policy and one that Gordon Brown says cannot work.

The Telegraph report ends:
'Sources have claimed that consular officials in the Indian sub-Continent were warning Home Office officials about the spike in applications at the end of last year after it became clear the new rules were open to exploitation.

Sir Andrew Green, the former diplomat who runs the anti-immigration think tank MigrationWatch, said: "This blows out of the water government claims about their points-based system being 'tough'. Most of it is students and that part has got off to a shambolic start."

He suggested the points-based system had turned the visa process into a 'box ticking' exercise that had all but eliminated face-to-face interviews from the application process. Students now knew exactly what they needed to do to gain a visa and were manipulating forms to ensure success.

Sources have told The Sunday Telegraph that consular officials were warning the Government last year of the huge spike – born out by the new figures – but that those fears were ignored until finally in February the system was suspended. '

I end with these thoughts: we know that over 90% of Gordon Brown's 'new jobs' have gone to people born outside of the UK, we know that the UK Immigration system had become all but a sham under this Labour government, we know that mass immigration was a deliberate Downing Street policy to radically change the country and "rub the Right's nose in diversity", we know that Labour's "points system" is a failure and that there are many ways that immigrants get around the system - "family reunion" being one. We know that Gordon Brown was part of the Labour government that stopped counting people in and out of the country and we know that re-implementing this system will not be in place for at least another three years. We know that the Labour government have used immigration as a weapon to destroy Conservatives and conservatism and that the Lib Dems favour an amnesty (of sorts on illegal immigrants. We know that immigration is one of the key matters that concern the British public so is it the fear of being called 'racists' and 'the nasty party' by the Labour/BBC/LibDem alliance that scares the Conservatives off of going hard on this subject? Time is running out, in 18 days the polls open and unless David Cameron's Conservatives change up a gear I fear for the future of the UK.


Ian Thorpe said...

There are lies, damned lies and statistics.

Not only do labour constantly lie about immigration, they lie about crime too. One of their great triumphs they claim is reduction of crime. On North West News today we heard again that crime in Lancashire has fallen dramatically under Labour.

In the Hyndburn Consituency (Accrington and outlying farmsteads) twenty years ago there were five police stations all fully manned. Now there is one manned durig office hours only. If anyone can be arsed answering the phone people calling to report a crime are unlikely to be given a crime reference (the criteria for it becoming a "recorded crime") for crimes such as vandalism etc. Instead they are told, "There isn't much we can do, the culprits will be long gone by the time we get there.

Politicians say this is purely anecdotal. Of course it is and it will never be anything else as nobody is ever going to run a properly set up survey of peoples' experiences.

Sorry to be off topic but I felt this other issue of public concern that politicians are operating a conspiracy of silence on should be raised.

John said...

Have you analysed just how beneficial it is to have immigration in the UK?. See The benefits of immigration to the UK economy.