Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Asghar Khan: India An Imagined Enemy - YouTube

Pakistani General admits that Pakistan started every war with India and that the threat to Pakistan of. India is imaginary.

'Asghar Khan - former Chief of the Pakistan Air Force, Chairman of the Tehrik-e-Istaqlaal political party, and a man renowned for his integrity and clarity - argues against the official anti-India ideology of Pakistan.

He explains how: (a) India does not constitute a national threat and has no interest in swallowing Pakistan; (b) all wars between the two countries were started by Pakistan; (c) the Maharaja of Kashmir may not have acceded to India had Pakistan negotiated with him seriously; (d) the 1971 war was sheer lunacy in military terms on account of the long lines of communication; (e) unlike India, Pakistan does not need nuclear weapons; (f) nuclear program represents a grave danger to the national security of Pakistan; and (g) the country is paying a heavy economic price for its atomic program. This interview was recorded in 2009 by Dawn.'

Don't expect any reporting of this on BBC who try to find fault with India as much as possible whilst protecting Pakistan from criticism. The BBC's Asian services full of people of Pakistani descent. Also Pakistan is Islamic state and therefore beyond criticism at pro Islamic BBC.

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