Wednesday, 29 May 2013

One man who Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas keeps in office

'"Praise Allah who honored us and designated us to be in Ribat (religious war defending or liberating "Islamic" land) until Judgment Day, until the dawn of freedom and national independence shine [on us]... On behalf of all those who fell as Martyrs or were wounded, we salute the heroic fighter, the self-sacrificing Salam Al-Zaghal from the Tulkarem District, whose honor and pride would not let him remain silent, consenting to the settlers' aggression against him in his vehicle. He insisted on defending his honor, so he went against the settler and killed him. Blessings to the breast that nursed Salam Al-Zaghal." '

Because praising a terrorist murderer of an Israeli Jew is no rreason to be sacked.

'Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has failed to take action after a bipartisan collation of lawmakers called on him earlier this month to fire a senior official who honored a Palestinian terrorist for murdering an Israeli civilian. Abu al-Einein, a former Abbas adviser who currently heads the Palestinian Council for NGO Affairs, was caught on film praising the Palestinian who stabbed an Israeli father of five to death while he was waiting for a ride home'
More here at Free Beacon.

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