Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Hague: No Memorial Plaque for Jews Killed in the Holocaust out of Fear of Muslim Reactions

'The Paul Kruger School in The Hague was, under the Nazi occupation, a high school for Jewish children who had to leave other schools by Nazi orders.

According to one of the teachers in the school, they prepared a design of the plaque, but decided not to go ahead with it after they received reactions that Muslim people now living in the neighborhood didn't consider it acceptable.

All of this came to light when there was an Open Day at the school on National Memorial Day, May 4. On that day, a number of lectures about the war were held in the school. The announcement for it was not hung outside out of fear that stones would be thrown through the school's windows.'

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The really important question is why would Muslims find commemorating the Holocaust so annoying? Is it because they still deny that the Holocaust happened? Is it because they hate the Jews so much that they do not want to be reminded that there was a large community of Jews in The Netherlands before they were killed by the Nazis?

If it's the last of these reasons, is that because it reminds them that in the Second World War one of the leaders of the Middle East Muslims, the Mufti of Jerusalem, sided with Hitler and the Nazis?

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