Wednesday, 15 May 2013

No Jewish event can be commemorated without comparing Israel's treatment of the Palestinians with the Nazis' treatment of the Jews - well not by Lynne Jones (@lynnejones_exMP)

Tomorrow is the 70th anniversary of the end of the Warsaw ghetto uprising, the largest revolt against the Nazis extermination of the Jews during the Second World War. The revolt was put down but not before 13,000 Jews were killed in the ghetto during the uprising of which around 6,000 were burnt alive or died from smoke inhalation. Once the revolt was ended the remaining 50,000 residents were mostly shipped to concentration and extermination camps, in particular Treblinka.

Jürgen Stroop's internal SS daily report for written on 16 May 1943, stated:
"180 Jews, bandits and sub-humans, were destroyed. The former Jewish quarter of Warsaw is no longer in existence. The large-scale action was terminated at 20:15 hours by blowing up the Warsaw Synagogue. ... Total number of Jews dealt with 56,065, including both Jews caught and Jews whose extermination can be proved. ... Apart from 8 buildings (police barracks, hospital, and accommodations for housing working-parties) the former Ghetto is completely destroyed. Only the dividing walls are left standing where no explosions were carried out."

Why do I bring this matter up today? First because it's an important anniversary but second because Lynne Jones used this anniversary for one of her customary anti-Israel Tweets:

Subtlety is not really her string point is it, mind you neither is understanding of the reality of the Israel / Palestinian conflict.

As a matter of interest, 18 days after I posted this to show Lynne Jones that Hamas did indeed regularly 
speak hatred against Jews, Lynne Jones has not yet managed to provide a response. Why?

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