Monday, 30 July 2018

Bombshell tape shows Jeremy Corbyn ally blamed 'Jewish Trump fanatics' for inventing Labour antisemitism

'One of Jeremy Corbyn's closest allies on Labour's ruling body blamed Jewish "Trump fanatics" for false claims of antisemitism in the party, a recording obtained by the JC confirms.

Explosive audio of Peter Willsman's angry rant - at the meeting attended by Mr Corbyn where Labour's ruling body approved a controversial new code of conduct on antisemitism – also shows he angrily demanded 68 rabbis, who warned Jew-hate had become "severe and widespread" within the party, provide evidence.

He says on the recording: "We should ask the 70 rabbis 'where is your evidence of severe and widespread antisemitism in this Party?'"

Mr Willsman then demands those at the National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting raise their hands if they have "seen" antisemitism in Labour and then suggested he was "amazed" that some said they had.

But Jewish Labour MP Luciana Berger called for the party to suspend Mr Willsman and conduct a "formal investigation", after she heard the JC's audio of his rant.

Ms Berger, parliamentary chair of the Jewish Labour Movement, said: "Anyone listening to this recording will be appalled to hear the venom and fury directed by Mr Willsman at the British Jewish community.

"That he accuses the Jewish community of falsifying social media and being "Trump fanatics" in order to deny the serious concerns of 68 rabbis beggars belief.

"Mr Willsman only has to take a look at his NEC papers or the many recent press reports to see evidence of antisemitism in the Labour Party.

"In the past week alone two Labour councillors have been suspended and the Party have confirmed that 252 people are being investigated for the comments they've made online directed at Dame Margaret Hodge MP.


As he continues to speak, amid audible protests from some in the room, Mr Willsman adds: "Let me ask you, let me ask you a question, how many people in this room have seen antisemitism in the Labour Party?

"Put your hands up…  one, two – you've had antisemitism in the Labour Party? I'm amazed. I've certainly never seen it."

In the aftermath of the meeting, which took place July 17, Mr Willsman was the subject of two formal complaints for his remarks  - one from the Jewish Labour Movement and another from a representative of the Leeds community.

But at the end of last week General Secretary Jennie Formby wrote to Mr Willsman to inform him that he would not be the subject of any investigation after he wrote her an apology over his comments.'

Would anyone seriously expect any better from a Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn? 

' Labour activists are being instructed to vote for all nine members of the so-called Momentum slate – which includes Jon Lansman, and fellow CFLD supporters Claudia Webbe and Darren Williams, both of whom have also defended former Mayor of London Mr Livingstone.'

And what finer example of the Jeremy Corbyn led Labour Party than that slate? 

More here at the JC but obviously not on the BBC who are still featuring Jeremy Hunt's misspeak because for the BBC anything bad said by a Conservative is appaling whereas Labour politicians must be hidden from scrutiny. The BBC is more and more just the propaganda arm of the BBC. 

As an extra thought, before any Jews think that this focus on antisemitism in the Labour Party is a good thing, realise that if the Jeremy Corbyn led Labour Party lose the next General Election then elements of the Labour Party will blame the Jews and this could turn nasty as Jews get blamed for Jeremy Corbyn not winning the election. By way of contrast, if the Jeremy Corbyn led Labour Party wins the next General Election then elements of the Labour Party will take the opportunity to show the Jews who's in charge now and that won't be at all pleasant. Either way, it's seriously time for Jews to leave the UK, the future does not look bright. 

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