Monday, 9 July 2018

Do you believe Theresa May's answer to Peter Bone's question?

One day I'll revisit how Theresa May won the Conservative election without a proper final vote. What was behind that victory? Other candidates seemed to self-destruct or drop out very easily, some might say suspiciously. 

A Remainer said she'd deliver Brexit, how stupid were we to give her the benefit of the doubt? I said after the Brexit vote that this wasn't over and that the Remain establishment wouldn't let us leave in any meaningful way. It looks as though I was right. 

This video helps illustrate that the Conservative Party will not pull behind Theresa May and Remain in a future general election, the result will be a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour government and the end of the UK as a viable country. 

One has to ask is that what Theresa May wants? Did she want to win the last General Election, her policies seemed designed to turn off Conservative voters. 

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