Friday, 27 July 2018

News not fit for the BBC

A comment on Biased BBC struck me hard, the BBC won't report such news, inconvenient facts are to be ignored by the BBC.

'Emmanuel Goldstein on July 26, 2018 at 6:59 pm

Saw this great post on Breitbart by Cargill55.
I'm sure he would be happy to share it.

No deal is best.
It was always clear there are huge economic benefits from a quick Brexit.
Big business, the economics profession, the state bureaucracy, the political elite , the globalists, the lobbying and polling industries, the media and the Bank of England were self serving liars and propagandists dancing to the political tune that benefitted them.

– We stop paying a net £70billion membership fee over the next five years to Brussels.… .
Every single penny of that £70billion has to be borrowed, added to our state debt of £1.7 trillion and from the first minute adding interest to that debt, a double whammy.

– We can say no to millions of low wage , low skill EU immigrants who are depressing wages of low paid British workers and creating chaos in state services such as the NHS and education .

As many of four million Brits cannot get a job or the work they would like because they are forced to compete with a "virtually unlimited pool" of migrant workers from the European Union (EU), a report has said….

We now know there are 700,000 EU immigrant children educated in the UK at a cost of £4 billion a year.….

630000 EU nationals were given new NI numbers in the year to December, 209000 to Bulgarians and Romanians.

These 630,000 will bring 200,000 dependents meaning the true EU immigration figure is 830,000… They will also add to the birth rate whilst here.

MigrationWatch says Brexit would cut net immigration by 100,000 a year ,… .

NI data suggests the cut would be substantially higher than that and would relieve pressure on hospitals, schools, infrastructure, jobs, wages and state finances.

We now know that 75% of EU immigrants who come here to work and live would have been refused entry by the non EU immigrant point system because they are low paid workers with a median wage of £8 an hour….

We know that up to 45% of EU immigrants take in work or out of work benefits… and low paid EU immigrants now take £3 billion in work benefits a year, 10% of the total paid in the UK, proving they are low paid, high benefit workers

Recent research suggests open borders immigration, most from the EU ,has increased house prices by 20%, making it almost impossible for young British people to buy a property.

We also know that 75% of all new jobs are taken by EU immigrants

Meanwhile it's going to get worse through immigration to the EU from third world countries. Europe is set to absorb massive waves of migration "for the decades to come", the EU Commission has declared…..

– We get out of the protectionist and bureaucratic common agricultural policy, allowing us to recoup the £50 billion opportunity cost of CAP membership that we will incur over the next five years, for example by sourcing cheaper food from the rest of the world through free trade treaties instead of applying high EU tariffs.

– We get back our UK fishing grounds, 70% handed over to the EU, gaining us £15 billion over the next five years.

– We set our own trade treaties and exit the protectionist and bureaucratic single market which costs business tens of billions of pounds a year and which have saddled us with a £89 billion annual trade deficit with the EU,… , despite proof that EU setting our trade treaties and the single market are bad for British business.… .

– We will continue to have major foreign direct investment into the UK. The $830 billion Norwegian sovereign fund says it might invest more after Brexit… HSBC will stay , Honda, Hitachi, Toyota, Nissan, Vauxhall will all stay here, Avon has just announced it is setting up its global HQ in the UK so it's not worried about Brexit.

– Neither are 73% of Chief Financial Officers who say Brexit will not affect their UK investment decisions

– As for the City, there's growing consensus there that it will prosper outside the EU! Away from EU power grabs.… . Deutsche Boerse is so relaxed about potential Brexit it wants to merge with the London Stock Exchange.

– We can set our own energy policy instead of following the costly carbon emissions laws set by the EU

The EU is collapsing economically because of a dysfunctional currency, protectionism and bureaucracy, it's got deflation and minimal economic growth, why attach ourselves to,that economic carcass?

So Brexit will benefit Britain economically, business costs will fall, global business will still invest here, food prices will fall, we will get the controlled immigration we need, state spending will fall, we set our trade treaties and we are freed from single market bureaucracy'

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