Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Jeremy Corbyn criticised by John McDonnell as Labour’s antisemitism crisis deepens per The Times

The Times reports something fascinating:

'Jeremy Corbyn's closest political ally is leading a shadow cabinet rebellion over the Labour leader's handling of the antisemitism scandal engulfing the party.

John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, has met Mr Corbyn to criticise his approach. In particular he is said to have demanded an end to disciplinary proceedings against Dame Margaret Hodge, MP, brought after she allegedly swore at Mr Corbyn and called him an antisemite.

A senior shadow cabinet source said that Mr McDonnell's intervention was backed by many other shadow ministers. "We are not comfortable at all with the way Jeremy has handled this and don't know why we have got ourselves in this mess," the source said. "Strong words have been said to him by people who are close to Jeremy."…'

Is the hard left wondering if it's time to sacrifice Jeremy Corbyn for the greater good of the Marxist revolution? Before anyone rejoices at the thought of the vile Jeremy Corbyn losing the leadership of the Labour Party, his likely replacement would be John 'kneecaping' Mcdonnell. 

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