Monday, 6 August 2018

Is John McDonnell an antisemite?

Is John McDonnell an antisemite? I don't know whether he is or he isn't. However he happily appears at at least one march where banners of Stalin are waived, see photos here I see no evidence that John Mcdonell was disgusted or offended by banners being waved approvingly of a man whose left-wing ideology was responsible for the murder of many tens of millions of people. Indeed when Stalin wasn't starving people to death through his command economic policies, he deliberately starved to death millions of people as a sort of punishment. Ukrainians had to eat their own dead children to survive.

Is John McDonnell planning on instituting a Stalinist style 'command economy' in the UK? We certainly won't find out from the BBC because the BBC are cheerleaders for the Labour Party not impartial news reporters. 

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