Monday, 6 August 2018

Labour antisemitism row: Yes again but that's what happens when a British political party is lead by an apparent antisemite

'Mr Corbyn has indicated that he is now ready to include in his party's code three of the four examples of antisemitism given by the alliance. He will continue to insist, however, that it is not necessarily antisemitic to say that the existence of the state of Israel is a "racist endeavour".'

That's from The Times 

1. Do you, Jeremy Corbyn, consider that the existence of the state of Israel is a "racist endeavour"?

2. Are the existence of any other countries a "racist endeavour"?

3. How about these two examples:
a) The Islamic state of Pakistan? 
b) Saudi Arabia where no non Muslims are allowed to practice their religions?

An unbiased news reporting organisation would raise these questions with Jeremy Corbyn, so I doubt that they will be raised by the Labour Party's propaganda arm, the BBC. 

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