Thursday, 28 February 2013

A history lesson for Fraz

I've been having some frustrating conversations with someone by the name of Fraz (@FromFraz) on Twitter regarding Israel, settlements etc.

Here's a video that he and his ilk should watch, especially from around 7:00, it might teach them something about the borders in the Middle East.

Did you note the Armistice Agreement between Israel and Jordan from 1949 (at 22:38)?
'the Armistics Demarkation line is not to be construed in any sense as a political or territorial boundary, and is delineated without prejudice to rights, claims, of either Party to the Armistice as regards ultimate of the Palestine question...'
Did you also understand the apartheid section from 43:07?

So @FromFraz please watch the whole video before you come back to me about settlements or apartheid.

Nice work Professor Eugene Kontorovich.

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